Prep Boyz has been cleaning for going on 7 years. Before that the owner had a decade of experience working different apartment properties. This allowed him to experience different and uncommon cleaning problems.

As property maintenance supervisor, he would always get the job done. Many of his old employers became his new customers. Having a reputation of being able to get the job done allowed that. This experience allows us to serve our customers' varied needs better.


By building a real relationship with our customers we are able to respond to their individual needs. At times we know what they need before they do. By anticipating their needs we aleviate them of the worry associated with everyday problems. We are able to do this because we are a small business. We know our customers individually and they know us.

With Prep Boyz there is a personal touch that larger companies just cannot copy. We make it our mission to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. Afterall, we are all someone's customer.


We offer so many different services that some of them cannot even qualify as cleaning anymore. However, we do it to serve the needs of our customers and to make them happy. To make their job easier we tend to do more, instead of having them search for someone else to do it.

This willingness to do more means we get a lot of recommendations. We like to exceed the expectations of our customers, this is how you build a great reputation. We know we can do the same for you.


If you had a flat tire, how many people could you depend on at this hour to help you out? This is what we do for our customers everyday. Not change tires, but when they ask us if we can be there tomorrow we make it happen.

When a job must get done tonight, they call us. We get there, we get it done. We figure it out, we make it happen. Why? Because we want to be there when our customers need us the most and we don't want to disappoint.


Prep Boyz is owned by a husband and wife team. The owners' teenage kids still regularly work and perform cleaning jobs. The owners believe it is important to help them build a great work ethic while they are still young.

By being a family-owned business we are much more invested in the happiness of our customers. Complaints quickly go straight to the top and problems are resolved faster. Even though we are a small business, we aim to give our customers professional and reliable service, no excuses.


Thank you. I am very pleased with your service and your teams professionalism.

It is with gratuitude that we share a SUPER THANK YOU to your Team for providing rapid service to remediate the bed bug situation at our [Property Name Held Private] apartment.