Bed Bug Prep

Who We Are

Prep Boyz is the brainchild of Mr. Edward Roberts. Having over 10 years of experience serving as Property Maintenance Supervisor he saw that many residents could not properly prepare their apartments for Bed Bug Extermination. Because of this, residents would get bed bugs again and again. He began to prepare residents himself and saw the overwhelming need for the service first-hand.

Soon after he and his wife, Nicole Fullman went into business to fulfill this dream. Located in the heart of Elizabeth, NJ, his goal was to offer superior cleaning services to small New Jersey companies who needed cleaning service, but couldn't afford a full-time cleaning staff. In the process, he made a name for himself and began to also offer his cleaning service to busy homeowners.

In 2008, some of his customers' tenants had suddenly become plagued with bed bug infestations. Knowing that exterminators require a preparation process that could take a healthy adult a week to perform, he set about providing this service in approximately 4 hours. He began to partner with many local and national extermination companies. Being one of the only companies offering bed bug preparation services made Prep Boyz the go to company for many apartment properties. A long 4 years later, and Prep Boyz remains the premiere bed bug preparation company in the Northeast.

Bed Bug Prep

Prep Boyz managed to distinguish itself each and everytime, making us the preferred cleaning company for many of our customers. Being a small business allowed us to pay closer attention to the particular needs of our customer. We don't treat our customers like just another check. Our customers are people with real needs. By paying attention to their needs and working to solve them, we set ourself apart from other companies.

Prep Boyz holds strong to the philosopy and motto, "it starts with people you can trust!" Our personalized, non-assembly line service afforded by Mr. Roberts and his staff will truly be an asset to your already striving company. As service professionals, we are dedicated to your satisfaction.

Advantages of Using Prep Boyz:

  • Ensure your facility's staff is utilized in the most effective and productive way
  • Enabling you to develop a relationship with your Prep Boyz cleaner by having a consistent service professional to serve you.
  • Allowing you the ability to add additional services for less cost than the big companies who pass down their miscellaneous costs.
  • Providing competitive and affordable pricing.
  • 24 hour emergency service available
  • Personalized manager or supervisor on duty