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What is Bed Bug Preparation?

When trying to rid of bed bugs your exterminator will require you to complete a preparation list. This list can be exhausting for even a healthy individual. Over the course your life, you may have acquired many things, which makes bed bug preparation very difficult for the average family. We relieve you of the burdensome task of Bed Bug Prep. We take the necessary steps to complete the preparation work required by your extermination company. The only thing you have to do is call, we take care of everything else. Proper Bed Bug Preparation allows the exterminator to perform his job better by allowing the apartment to be in the best condition to exterminate bed bugs. Bed Bug Preparation gives the exterminator access to hard to reach areas that bed bugs may hide. Proper bed bug preparation allows the process to be more effective in getting rid of bed bugs. Here is a sample of the prepartion we would normally perform:

  • Inspect + Extract - using the Search and Destroy Method
  • HEPA Vacuum Extraction
  • High Heat Laundry - all washables
  • Bag All Items - we pack items and place into clear plastic bags
  • Steam Treatment - we steam treat all sensitive items, including cracks and crevices
  • Move Furniture - 1 ft. away from walls
  • Remove Window + Wall Hangings
  • Remove Outlet Covers and Switch Plates
  • Remove Items from Table tops

These are just some of the items we perform during our bed bug preparation service. If your exterminator has a different list, we make sure to accomodate each item on their list as well. We truly believe that with proper Bed Bug Preparation and Effective Treatment there will be bed bug elimination. Our ultimate goal when we enter your home is to get rid of bed bugs. There is no other objective, that is our mission. Call us today, to find out more or use our contact form below and we will call you.

Why are Bed Bugs Back?

  • A reduced use of pesticides
  • Increased international travel
  • Lack of public awareness

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

  • Overnight stays in bed bug infested areas
  • By using Used/second hand furniture
  • Buying Reconditioned mattresses
  • Migration of bed bugs from one infested dwelling to another
  • By using public areas such as bus stations, movie theaters
Bed Bug Prep

Females can lay from 1 to 12 eggs per day

How to Tell If You have Bed Bugs?

  • Beg Bugs are Small and Brown
  • They leave little brown spots (fecal matter) on the corners and crevices of beds and bed frames
  • They bite and leave welts while you sleep

How Can You Prevent Bed Bugs?

There is no guaranteed way to prevent bed bugs. As stated earlier, bed bug awareness is the first step to avoiding infestations. Taking these precautions can help you avoid infestations:

  • Avoid purchasing used items
  • Avoid picking up items that have been discard curbside
  • Routine inspections after traveling or having guest over
  • Know the signs

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

  1. Request an Inspection from your Exterminator to verify infestation
  2. Once verified, Complete a pre-treatment preparation checklist
  3. Exterminator will treat every seven days for 3 weeks
  4. Keep all household items bagged for one week
  5. Call immediately if you notice more bed bugs. Your Exterminator may recommend other treatment options.